Salt by Hendrix

    Babetown Booster Base - Squalane

    Your beauty runs deep, why not let your skin glow with it too? SALT BY HENDRIX Babetown gives you that perfect glass skin look, while helping support your skin barrier for a hydrated and well balanced finish.

    Who should use SALT BY HENDRIX Babetown Booster Base Squalane?
    Ideal for normal to dry skin, but great for combination to oily skin types too Good idea for tackling redness and sensitivity, including eczema and rosacea

    What does SALT BY HENDRIX Babetown Booster Base Squalane do?
    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - it’s the key to flawless skin after all Gives a glass skin glow Doesn’t feel heavy, and absorbs quickly Helps improve the skin barrier Acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothing ingredient Makes a great topper for active serums to lock in hydration

    What makes SALT BY HENDRIX Babetown Booster Base Squalane different?
    Just 100% pure squalane, which is derived from olives. Nothing else. That’s it. Non irritating and non-comedogenic

    How to use:

    Suitable for both AM and PM use. Apply after serums.