Skincare Starter Gift Set

    This set is the ideal gift to give someone who is new to skincare and wants an effective skincare routine.

    The starter skincare routine was designed for those who want to start a skincare routine but doesn't know how to. This set contains all the products you need for a complete starter routine.

    Cleanser - Alya skin Foaming Cleanser (Use daily)

    Serums - Biologi Save my skin bundle (Use as per directions on pack). You don't need an added moisturiser with the Biologi serums

    Mask - Alya Skin Pink Clay mask (Use 2-3 times per week).

    You should consider using a sunscreen and an exfoliator (such as the Alya Skin Pomegranate Exfoliator) for a more holistic routine.


    Please see the individual product page for more information on the specific products within this set.

    This set contains: