About us

    Welcome to Audere Beauté, 

    Audere Beauté was born to help you on your journey to beautiful skin by bringing you the best in global beauty.

    At Audere Beauté, we combine our knowledge and experience of the beauty industry and the science of beauty products to carefully curate products and brands to ensure that you get the best in beauty.

    How does a brand get the Audere Beauté tick of approval?

    Getting the AB tick of approval is not easy, our brands undergo extensive testing by our team of beauty experts to ensure that the products are:

    • Effective
    • Suit the Mauritian and African Climate, and that
    • Suit the Mauritian and African demographic and skin needs.


    We are passionate about everything beauty and we take the task of finding the hidden gems and beauty trends very seriously.

    Do you, like us, want authorised beauty products without the confusion?

    So join us on the Audere Beauté journey.

    Our aim is to offer you the best possible service, be it through our great products, luxurious and user-friendly website or our friendly and knowledgeable team.

    What does Audere Beauté mean?

    Audere takes its root from the latin word Audeo which means to dare or be bold.

    Our founder is a born and bred certified island girl with big dreams and even bigger aspirations. But island girls from tiny little villages are sometimes told that dreaming big is not for them.

    But nevertheless, this fearless island girl kept on dreaming and on a balmy Mauritian afternoon in a sleepy village, our island girl, an avid reader, stumbled upon the word “Audeo” (a latin word meaning to dare or to be bold). The book has long been forgotten but the word and more importantly the meaning behind it never has. It inspired our island girl and lent her courage to go after her dreams.

    Along the journey to achieving her dreams, cosmetics along with some kick ass heels has truly helped boost her inner confidence (fake it until you make it right?). Thus, began a life-long love affair with everything cosmetics which translated to a degree and a career in chemistry and product formulation.

    Among all her dreams, none of them has been quite as dear to her heart as this venture, so our island girl decided to give this piece of her heart a derivative of the word that has inspired her so much throughout her life.