When you are browsing, the prices displayed are in your local currency. However as we ship internationally, our default currency is in US dollars. That means the checkout cart is in US dollars.

    We offer three types of payment:

    Option 1 - Bank transfer

    You can use bank transfer to pay for your order. If you are in Mauritius, that includes the JuicebyMCB app.

    The bank transfer process is displayed when you check out, and is as follows:

    • Step 1 - Select Bank Transfer and complete your order:
    Audere beaute - bank transfer step 1
    • Step 2: After completing your order, you will be shown the two options for bank transfer, via Juice by MCB or normal bank transfer:

    Bank transfer step 2

    If you close the page and do not have the bank account transfer details, you can click on the 'view your order' button in the order confirmation email, which will return you to the order page, with bank account details.

    The JuicebyMCB app enables you to pay via USD.  If you have not used this before, you must first enable "Foreign Transactions" under Cards:

     JuiceBYMCB - USD


    When conducting the transfer, make sure to set the Transfer Currency to USD:

    Note: if you would prefer to pay in another currency (e.g. MUR), please contact our helpful support team for your order amount in your local currency.

    Our bank transfer policy:

    It can take a couple of business days for the funds to appear in our account. We will dispatch your parcel when we receive your funds. To make this process easier make sure to include your order number as the reference.

    We will send you a message if we have not received your transfer within 48 hours (business days), and will unfortunately have to cancel the order if we do not hear from you.

    We unfortunately cannot hold the stock for you.

    Option 2 - Credit Card via PayPal

    We also offer credit card payment via PayPal as a payment option.  You do not need a PayPal account to use this option - you can click 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card' and use your credit card as per normal.

    If you do have a PayPal account you can log in and pay using Paypal.

    Once you have completed payment you will be returned to the order screen.



    If you have any questions about payment or delivery, please contact our support team on