When you are browsing, the prices displayed are in your local currency for your convenience. However as we ship internationally, our default currency is in US dollars. That means the checkout cart and your invoice is in US dollars and payment needs to be effectuated in USD.

    We offer two types of payment:

    Option 1 - Credit Card

    You can pay via credit card at checkout.

    This is the easiest and fastest way to secure your order and to make payment.

    After selecting the “Credit Card” option, you will be taken to the payment page where you can insert your card details.  The payment gateway is encrypted and secured via shopify.

    Option 2 - Bank transfer (Only for Mauritius)

    The bank transfer process is displayed when you check out, and is as follows:

    • Step 1 - Select Bank Transfer and complete your order:
    • Step 2: After completing your order, you will be given our bank details to carry out the bank transfer.

    NOTE: Please include your order number as the reference. We can only reconcile your payment if an order number is included.

    Our account is with the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) and is a corporate USD account. In order to reconcile your payment, we require payments in USD (please see below for more information). 

    MCB Transfers:

    The MCB internet banking and the JuiceByMCB application provides you the option of transferring in USD.

    While initiating the transfer, you must set the Transaction Currency in USD. The JuicebyMCB app enables you to pay via USD.  If you have not used this before, you must first enable "Foreign Transactions" under Cards:

    JuiceBYMCB - USD

    Non MCB Transfers

    This option can take a couple of business days, please send a proof of payment to ensure that your order doesn’t get cancelled.

    Your bank might not have an automatic USD transfer option such as MCB. In order to transfer the correct amount in Rs, you will have to do a conversion as per below.

    Your bank has the daily exchange rate for USD on its front home page (please use the TT selling rate as per picture below). Multiply your invoice balance by the exchange rate and that's the amount in Rs to transfer.

    Our customer service team will be happy to assist with any queries. You can contact them via email only ( for your queries.


    Check your payment status

    If you close the page and do not have the bank account transfer details, you can click on the 'view your order' button in the order confirmation email, which will return you to the order page, with bank account details.

    You can also view the payment status by logging into your account on our website and view your order history.

    Our accounts team reconciles bank transfers twice per day (Mon-Fri) at 8 am and once in the afternoon. Orders without transfers are automatically cancelled after 24 hrs (unless you have sent a proof of payment from a non MCB bank).

    Our bank transfer policy:

    Our warehouse will dispatch your parcel once the funds are received. The system will automatically cancel your order if a transfer isn’t received within 24 hrs.

    We will however put a manual stop to the cancellation if you send a proof of payment from a non MCB bank.

    We unfortunately cannot hold non paid orders for longer than 24 hrs due to the high demand and orders.

    If you have any questions about payment or delivery, please contact our support team on