The Beauty Lover's Club

Welcome to Audere Beauté’s Beauty Lover’s Club ​​which is our membership program that grants you access to some great rewards. Think cash back, exclusive offers and deluxe samples of some of the best in global beauty. 

What is the Beauty Lover’s Club?

The Beauty Lover’s club is our way of of saying “thank you” for your continued support. Welcome to a club that recognises you with products, samples and amazing experiences.

The Beauty Lover’s club offers three levels of recognition – VIP Level 1, VIP Level 2 and VIP Level 3. Your purchases at any Audere Beauté’s shops or on our website contribute to your level. 

How do I join the Beauty Lover's Club?

If you are an existing customer that has already created a profile in shop or on our website - then there is nothing further to do. Your customer profile will be migrated to the Beauty Lover's Club. You will start accruing points from purchases made from the 14th of March 2023 onward.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accrue points prior to the launch date of the Beauty Lover's Club.

If you are new to Audere Beauté, you can join the Beauty Lover’s Club by creating a profile at your nearest Audere Beauté store or online at

To sign up for the Beauty Lover’s Club, you must provide a unique email address and phone number.

How do the Beauty Lover's Club Levels work?

The Audere Beauté’s Beauty Lover’s Club has three levels of recognition.

Level 1 (Rs10,000 - 24,999 spend per year)

As a level 1 member, you can come with us on this beauty journey where we will share with you our love of beauty and you will be rewarded with 1.5% cash back upon spending your first Rs10,000. Upon presenting your email address at any of our shop, your beauty advisor will add your voucher if available to your purchase.

1.5% cash back upon spending your first Rs10,000. 

Level 2 (Rs25000 - 49999 spend per year)

As a level 2 member of the Beauty Lover’s Club, you are immersed in the world of beauty. And just like us, you love to hear about the latest beauty trends, breakthroughs and products.  

You will receive:

  • 1.5% cash back upon entering that level.
  • 2 complimentary samples upon every order. Samples are selected at random depending on availability, and

Level 3 (Rs50,000+ spend per year)

As a level 3 member of the Beauty Lover’s club, your passion for beauty is unmatched. So please find below our way to show our appreciation to you.

You will receive:

  • 1.5% cash back upon entering that level.
  • 3 complimentary samples upon purchase. Samples are selected at random depending on availability.
  • Early access to new brand and product launches, promotions & sales. 
  • Benefit from special level 3 member-only promotions
  • Exclusive access to limited releases. 

How are your points calculated?

Your Beauty Lover’s club spend will include all Eligible Purchases* made in-store or on our website for the past 365 days. We review your Beauty Lover’s Club Level at the end of every 365 days from when you reached that Beauty Lover’s club Level to see if it should be adjusted to a lower level.

If you have not maintained the amount of spend required for your Beauty Lover’s Level in the 365-day period, your level will be adjusted down or, if you have not met the purchasing requirements for Beauty Lover’s Club Level 1 in that 365-day period, you will no longer have a Beauty Lover’s club Level at all from that time. It is important that you keep track of your Beauty Lover’s Club spend for the year if you want to maintain your Beauty Lover’s Club level.

* Beauty Lover’s Club spend excludes returns, refunds, delivery charges, redeemable service booking fees and the purchase of gift cards. Beauty Lover’s Club spend includes VAT.

Once you achieve a level, you will hold it for 12 months, unless you spend enough to upgrade to the next level.

What do you need to do when making an eligible purchase?

  1. You need to tell us that you are a Beauty Lover’s club member prior to completing your Eligible Purchase at an Audere Beauté store to make sure that your Eligible Purchase is included in your Beauty Lover’s club spend. You can do this by providing your name or email address to our beauty advisors to retrieve your Beauty Lover’s club member details. 
  2. If you are shopping online, please log into your Audere Beauté’s account to make sure that your Eligible Purchase is included in your Beauty Lover’s Club Spend. Make sure you use the email address you provided when creating your account. Guest checkout of Eligible Purchases through our online store will not contribute to your Beauty Lover’s Club status and cannot be added at a later time, after you have made the Eligible Purchase.

How to redeem your points?

You will receive 1.5% after every Rs 10,000 spent which you can redeem in shop.

Redeeming in shop:

Upon doing your purchase, please provide your email or phone number to our beauty advisor, who will directly apply the cashback upon to your order. They can also provide your point balance.