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    Br Organic Rosehip Oil 30ml

    Rosehip Oil


    Br Organic Rosehip Oil has defined a new benchmark in skincare oils.

    Harnessing the pure power of Rosa canina, Br is rich in natural vitamins and essential fatty acids that promote the skins internal hydration and protective processes to support healthy cellular turnover.

    Why choose Br Organic Rosehip Oil?

    Honouring our promise to provide only high-quality, single-plant ingredient products sourced directly from nature, Br Organic Rosehip Oil challenges conventional oil extraction methods to offer consumers unaltered, unrefined rosehip oil that is pure and brilliant!

    Delivering a potent synergy of oil soluble actives required for skin health, Br is the most effective oil to use in conjunction with Biologi serums, or on its own. Gentle enough to use on sensitised skin types but powerful enough to achieve maximum results, Br oil rejuvenates the skin as it is undiluted and intact, perfection bottled.

    Use Br Organic Rosehip Oil for:
    • Hydration
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Improve the colour and texture of scars
    • Reduce blemishes
    • Anti-ageing

    Cold pressed, unrefined and organic

    The organic oil used in Br is produced for Biologi by cold pressing the whole rosehip seed, and nothing else.

    Br is unrefined to avoid wasting skin-loving oil soluble vitamins often lost through traditional extraction methods. Once the oil is extracted, it’s held under nitrogen to protect natural nutrients from degradation caused by exposure to oxygen and environmental gases like carbon dioxide and hydrogen.

    Identical to pure rosehip oil in smell, colour and activity, active ingredients essential to cellular health can now be delivered directly to your skin cells.

    Br Organic Rosehip Oil active nutrients*

    Linoleic and alpha-linoleic fatty acids

    The science

    Essential fatty acids naturally occurring in rosehip oil mimic the fatty acids produced in the skin. Applying the unaltered nutrients topically supports healthy cell turnover and promotes natural regeneration processes to leave skin smooth, plump and hydrated.

    Why do I need essential fatty acids?
    • Improve texture
    • Improve tone
    • Smooth skin
    • Encourage healing
    • Strengthen protective layer of skin

    *An active nutrient is a biological ingredient in the plant source that directly affects the function of the skin. Br oil is unrefined, undiluted and contains active nutrients at 100%

    Vitamin A

    The science

    Vitamin A is an essential nutrient which works to reduce the visible signs of ageing and promote the integrity of delicate skin cells. Also known as retinol, vitamin A naturally occurring in rosehip oil contains beta carotene making it suitable for sensitive skin types.

    Why do I need vitamin A?

    • Anti-ageing
    • Hydration
    • Antioxidant protection
    • Brightens skin

    Vitamin E

    The science

    Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant produced naturally in the oil glands. Supporting cell function and overall health of the skin, direct application of active vitamin E enhances the skin’s natural processes leaving cells strong, moist and supple.

    Why do I need vitamin E?

    • Antioxidant protection
    • Reduce UV damage to the skin
    • Hydration
    • Strengthen cells

    How to use Br Organic Rosehip Oil

    • After cleansing, apply Biologi serum of choice morning and night
    • Wait for serum to penetrate the skin and apply three to four drops of oil all over the face and neck
    • Massage gently
    • Apply as often as needed
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    Faith B.
    Mauritius Mauritius
    Chefs kisses

    This is a great product, I use it on top of the serums of the same brand and it's just amazing. Leaves the skin soft and moisturized. And helped my skin texture alot! Definitely going to become a staple

    Gowtamee G.
    Mauritius Mauritius
    Biologi Rosehip Oil

    Can be used as primer, works amazing under makeup.

    A L.
    Mauritius Mauritius
    Rosehip Oil

    Very hydrating and lovely light scent. I prefer to wear it at night as I feel it gives a little shine during the day...

    A Audere Beauté Customer
    Anabelle B.
    Mauritius Mauritius
    Miracle Oil

    Will definitely purchase more! I have mixed oily skin and am currently pregnant my skin was a absolute mess and now so clear and scars are even starting to fade

    Gitanjali H.
    Mauritius Mauritius
    Love the fresh Rosehip oil scent

    It's been wonderful especially during this winter. Applying it at night before bedtime has had a good and tender effect on the skin.