Two in One Poreless Power Liquid 100ml

    Daily pore tightener, skin cooler!
    What it is: Two in one, skin-smoothing essence-toner that visibly tightens and reduces the look of pores.


    Two in one care for large pores

    • Heated or Hot environment can enlarge your pores.
    • This 2 in 1 Poreless Power Liquid cools your face to prevent your pores from getting bigger and tightnes the pores at the same time.

    Two way multi-functional use liquid

    • Use as a toner in morning skincare routine. Makes your skin smooth which is perfect prep stage for make up.
    • Soak the cotton pads and use as toner sheet mask for 5 - 10 minutes at night routine especially where your biggest pores are and when you feel excessive sebum on your face.

    Healthier, smoother and younger

    • Smooths skin texture with natural BHA from White Willow Bark which is completely vegan.
    • Quickly and gently clears out debris and rough flakes by removing excess sebum.

    How to use

    • Use with cotton pad and wipe off face avoiding lip and eye area.
    • Use it right after cleansing your face.