Watermelon Outdoor Soothing Sun Patch

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Worn over a full skincare routine and sunscreen, the Heimish Watermelon Outdoor Soothing Sun Patches offer a cooling effect while blocking out UV rays during your outdoor activities. Made of two main layers; the hydrogel perfectly adheres to skin providing long-lasting hydration, and the UV-shielding, breathable fabric on top protects skin against sun damage. 

Great For

Skin Types – All skin types

Skin Concerns – Sensitivity, Redness, Dehydration, Fine lines, UV damage

Why We Love it

The Heimish Watermelon Outdoor Soothing Sun Patches block UV damage from the sensitive skin area around your eyes and cheeks. Watermelon extracts, eco ceramides, moringa fermented oil, collagen, and shea butter also work together to create a smooth skin texture with intensive, long-lasting hydration. The sweat-proof, sun blocking fabric does not lose its UV protection over time, so they can be worn for extended periods and remain effective. Easily removed without irritation.
PRO TIP: Wear during your favorite outdoor activities; golf, tennis, hiking, running, beach and more.