V.Biome Firming Cream 60g

Enhance skin elasticity with this firming cream infused with 10% V.Biome Liposome™ and ten types of peptides to tighten skin, and 19 vitamins to deliver nourishing care. Cream comes with a built-in globe-shaped massager to massage the product around the eyes and V-line for better absorption.


  • A firming cream with mild formula to help increase skin elasticity while nourishing the skin.
  • Formulated with the patented 10% V.Biome Liposome™ and 10 types of Peptides for firmer appearance and skin barrier.
  • Blends with 19 essential vitamins to moisture and revitalise skin integrity.
  • Attached with a 2 in 1 relaxing globe massager to massage the eye and v-line in a more hygienic way.

Eco-friendly packaging with FSC certified paper printed in soy ink.

How to use

Apply to the skin at the last stage of your skincare routine, gently massage until fully absorbed.