Calming Pore Clear Wash Off Pack

Quick solution for reddened skin with 11,000ppm of Mugwort, AHA, PHA and Madecassoside.

  • Instant clear & smoother skin - 11,000ppm of Mugwort Extract and Mung Bean extract cleanse pores to completely remove old waste, leaving skin refreshed and smoother.
  • Gently clear pores – Soft cream formula filled with Mugwort and Green Tea Powder that absorbs impurities in skin pores, leaving it gentle on skin and healthy looking.
  • Perfect for irritated and sensitive skin - Through Centella Asiatica extract (Cica, Madecassoside), Tea Tree and Lonicera Japonica Flower Extract, known as a representative soothing ingredient, that quickly calms angry skin in a healthy way and controls excess sebum also moisturizes irritated skin without worrying about irritation