Birch Juice Moisturizing Serum 50ml

Need to spruce up dull looking and dry skin? Experience dewy and supple looking skin with long lasting moisture with a few drops of Birch Serum.

  • A light, volatile serum to give you skin the silky look without the greasy feel.
  • Its lightweight, watery and somewhat oily texture quickly penetrates through skin but leaves no oily residue or build up.

<3 Step Moisturizing Care>

  • Opens moisture pathyway: Glyceryl Glucoside promotes production of Aquaporins, opening up skin's moisture pathway.
  • Moisturizing/Hydration: Birch Sap effectively boosts moisture retention.
  • Moisture lock: Vita Hyaluronic Acid forms a moisture defense barrier to seal in moisture.

Size: 1.7 fl. oz (50ml)

How to use

After tidying skin with toner, take a sufficient amount of serum and gentle apply across skin for full absorption.