The Essentials Palette

9 eyeshadows | 2 contour shades | 1 highlighter

Create captivating looks wherever you go with this neutral-to-glam palette, featuring a mirror, 9 buttery soft eyeshadows in matte and shimmer finishes, 2 light-to-dark contour shades and a lustrous highlighter. Each exquisite shade was hand-selected by beloved beauty influencer, Stephanie Lange.

“I have always wanted a palette that would suit every eye shape and skin tone. A palette that you would reach for EVERY day. A palette that you would actually hit pan on every shade. Finally, it exists!”
- Stephanie Lange

  • Snow - White matte
  • Nutmeg - Pale pink matte
  • Dusk - Dusty mauve matte
  • Sunset - Golden tan matte
  • Metal - Bright gold shimmer
  • Storm - Dark brown matte
  • Bombshell - Burgundy shimmer
  • Velvet - Deep plum matte
  • Rocker - Black
  • Star - Highlighter
  • Honeycomb - Light contour
  • Golden - Deep contour