Super Matcha Pore Care Starter Kit

SOME BY MI – Super Matcha Pore care products comprise a cleansing gel, clay mask, toner, and serum all feature with Matcha Water and naturally derived BHA to gently purify and tighten up pores. Super Matcha line targets pore concerns and leaves skin feeling refreshing without stickiness and irritation. Removes excess sebum, blackheads, and dead skin cells for clean and flawless skin.


  • Gel Cleanser: Low-pH gel cleanser removes skin impurities in gentle scrub with micellar particles and 62% of Matcha Water smooths out skin textures with Konjac granules.
  • Clay Mask: Cleanses skin impurities and dissolves dead skin cells without irritation with BHA ingredients and Super Matcha.
  • Toner: A patented ingredient, 83 % of Matcha Water tightly squeezes the pores while naturally sourced BHA effectively controls the production of sebum, clears blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Serum: This pore tightening serum purifies, tightens, and moisturizes pores with 93% of Matcha Water, a high-class Macha from Bosung, South Korea.

Organic Green Tea Sachet is named Matcha Super Green for its intense emerald-green infusion and enough natural energy provided by pure Japanese matcha. Super Matcha is a trendy product solution for skincare that targets pore concerns and leaves skin feeling refreshing without stickiness. The brand supports the no-animal-testing, cruelty-free on all their cosmetic products.

The cleansing gel is composed of 62% matcha water, micro-micellar bubbles enriched with natural BHA and PHA, and a mix of konjac granules, calamine, green tea, and tea tree powders, all to deeply cleanse and purify the skin.

Packed full of raw, organic, vegan ingredients of Matcha Clay Mask is detoxify, hydrate, revitalize and soothe problematic skin. Matcha Green Tea assists in cooling and reducing redness and inflammation.

Experience Super Matcha Toner, a pore concern cleaner that completely erases out pore concerns such as sebum, clears blackheads and whiteheads, impurities, and enlarged pores.

Super Matcha Pore Care Serum contains Matcha Water that takes care of oiliness on your skin and helps improve pore elasticity, delivers deep and strong energy into the skin.

How To Use

  1. Step - 1: Cleanser
    Squeeze a proper amount onto your wet palms and lather it up, then massage the entire face gently for cleansing then rinse off with lukewarm water.
  2. Step - 2: Clay Mask
    Before going to sleep, take a proper amount of mask and apply it evenly, avoid your hairline, eyebrows, eyes, lips, and any overly sensitive area. Wash your face with lukewarm water after 10-20 minutes when the mask becomes dry.
  3. Step - 3: Toner
    Shake well, soak cotton pads with a required amount of toner after cleansing your mask, lightly spread over your face with a cotton pad, or try using your hands and pat it dry.
  4. Step - 4: Serum
    Apply 3-4 drops of this serum on the entire face and gently massage to spread all over until the product has been fully absorbed.