Facial cold therapy: The skin benefits and how to do it

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Cold Therapy, also known as cryotherapy, is widely used by A-listers and their therapists for the instant visible results that it provides. If you have ever watched a “red carpet edition of a get ready”, you might have seen the practice in action. The reason why is simple, Cold therapy gives instant visible results, lifting and tightening the skin, constricting pores as well as stimulating blood flow to give a visible glow. The cold dials down redness, calms inflammation and brightens a dull complexion.

On top of that, it helps to release muscle tension in the face which is great for relaxation, expression lines, wrinkles lines and teeth grinding.


Most importantly, cold therapy is a boon for the African summer. On those hot and humid days, nothing sounds better than a cold facial.


So now that we have learnt the benefits of ice therapy, how do you achieve it?


Introducing Skin Gym, which is the number one brand for beauty tools. Their products have been adopted by A-listers, therapists, and estheticians worldwide and their range of products are finally available in Africa via our website.



So which tool is right for you?


Skin Gym Cryocicles

This funny contraption is heavenly for our summer days. The orbs are made of freeze-proof glass filled with anti-freezing liquid. We recommend taking these from the freezer first thing in the morning to pep up droopy morning skin and wake up your complexion.


Pop your Pixi Fortifeye patches (you can even put these in the fridge) while you get your day started. For best effect, especially with eliminating dark circles and puffy eyes, use the Skin Gym Eye Flowies treatment (take them from the fridge) and roll them gently on top of the eye patches. 

Skin Gym Eye Flowies


The face sculptor beauty roller has been rapidly gaining popularity due to its ability to firm and sculpt your jawline.

Skin Gym Face Sculptor

The aluminium and zinc balls glide along bones of your face to firm, depuffs and increases circulation and lymphatic drainage for a glowy complexion. We recommend using it after your serum for best results.

So here you have it, all the tips you need to introduce cold therapy into your routine to enjoy its multiple benefits.

Until next time beauty lovers.

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