5 Reasons You Should Own a Silk Pillowcase

With over 30% spent of our lives spent sleeping, the material that we sleep on is very important.Apart from feeling soft, smooth and luxurious against your skin, laying your head on a silk pillowcase has numerous skin benefits. As always we aim to bring you the best of beauty and we are excited to make you discover the wonders of silk! 



1. Silk has anti-ageing properties.

    Have you ever woken up from a great night’s rest but end up with pillow marks on your face? These ‘sleep creases’ are caused by the friction of a rough pillowcase or through excessive movement during your slumber. This prolonged behaviour of causing friction can, in the long run develop into permanent lines. Changing to a silk pillowcase, the smooth fabric will glide gently over your delicate skin and prevent abrasion of the skin. This is also very beneficial for people with sensitive skin or people suffering from rosacea, as the soft fabric is less likely to irritate the skin and cause flare ups.  Mulberry silk in our new S&Co pillowcase, can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles as it prevents moisture from getting sucked out of your skin, leaving your skin feeling naturally hydrated and supple skin. 

    2. Silk helps in retaining skin moisture

    Traditional pillow cases made of cotton have a higher absorption rate of approximately 30% as the material is more porous. Mulberry silk prevents moisture from being absorbed from the epidermis of the skin, thus your skin will retain it’s natural oils, keeping your skin hydrated all night. Furthermore all of your beauty treatments and products will stay right on your face for maximum benefits. 

    3. Reduce frizz and hair breakage.

      Bedhead is more than just messy, unkempt hair. It is also a main cause of dry and damaged hair stands.Traditional cotton pillowcases tend to pull your hair from the roots causing breakage and dry out the hair due to its moisture wicking properties. Silk will not absorb the oils from your hair, keeping it hydrated and soft. The natural properties of this material includes a smooth surface that will reduce friction and hair damage like split ends. Making the switch to a silk pillowcase can lead to a softer, tangle free and more manageable mane. 


      champagne luxury mulberry silk pillowcase
      4. Naturally Hypoallergenic 

      Another great property of silk is how the silk fibers are tightly woven, which makes it difficult for dust mites, pollen or other airborne allergens to sit on the surface as it would slide right off. Being hypoallergenic creates a healthy breathing environment to sleep in. A silk pillowcase will be godsend for allergy sufferers. 

      5. Temperature Regulator

      Have you ever flipped your pillow onto the cooler side during hot summer nights? Well with a silk pillow case you won’t need to keep looking for the cooler side as both sides will remain cool and comfy. The breathable nature of our S & Co Mulberry silk pillowcase allows for temperature regulation and thermal control so as to keep you refreshed during all seasons. You will not feel too cold in winter nor too hot during summer.

      So if you’re still wondering whether you should get a silk pillowcase, consider it as a beauty supplement. A silk pillowcase is the cherry on top of an already established good skincare routine! 

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