Biologi - The serums that will revolutionise your skin

    In any given week, we test dozens of brands at Audere Beauté HQ in order to find the best in global beauty. So, as a result, we have very high expectations when it comes to beauty products. The Biologi serums blew our mind as to how efficacious and great they were.

    Biologi is the world’s first ever 100% active single ingredient organic plant derived serum which delivers results.

    The Biologi serums are incredibly effective and delivers results. You can use them for a host of skin concerns from acne, hyperpigmentation, skin lesions, anti-ageing and so much more.

    We are absolutely in love with Biologi and we are sure you will love them too which is why we launched them on our website.

    The Results

    Biologi - Before and After serum use

    Which serum is for you?

    Which serum is right for you?

    There are four Biologi serums:

    Anti-ageing:Bf, BQk and Bk all have very powerful anti-ageing ingredients.

    Hyperpigmentation: Both Bf and Bqk will help with hyperpigmentation. Bqk is however a dedicated pigmentation product.

    Dark circles:

    The high concentration of Vitamin C in this product will visibly brighten your under eye area.

    Biologi Dark circles

    Acne:  If you have sensitive skin and acne, then the Biologi serums are perfect for you. You can start with Bf for a couple of weeks before using Bd.

    Biologi helps with Acne ScarsBiologi - Acne

    The Save My Skin bundle is a great way to try the brand as it contains mini sizes of the three serums (Bd, Bk and Bf).

    Biologi - Save my skin bundle

    How to use the serums:

    1. Cleanse
    2. Biologi Serum
    3. Sunscreen (after a couple of minutes)
    4. Makeup


    1. Double Cleanse
    2. Biologi Serum
    3. Face oil


      You can use your other actives, such as AHA, retinol on alternate days.


      What to expect

      Great Skin

      It is very hard to describe the benefits and results of these serums. You really have to give it a try for yourself. The one thing that we can say they is that they are a powerhouse which delivers awesome results and your skin will thank you for it. 


      You might experience some stickiness in the first couple of weeks of using your Biologi serum. This is perfectly normal as the products are working to repair your skin. The stickiness will fade after a couple of weeks of use.

      Skin Purging
      If you have breakouts and acne, products that are designed to clear your skin might cause your skin to purge.
      Purging is the process of your skin adjusting to a new skincare regime, which may result in blemishes flaring up before your skin starts improving.
      This is temporary and can last for a couple of weeks. It is worth it for the end results.


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      Bqk Radiance Face Serum

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      Bd Luminosity Face Serum  

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