Combat the skin issues caused by respiratory face masks (Covid-19)

Corona Virus has changed our daily lives, arguably forever. One of the outward changes is the compulsory need to wear respiratory face masks when you are outside.

Whilst something that is primordial and compulsory, there are some skin side effects to these respiratory masks, especially in hot and humid Mauritius.

What are some of the side effects and skin issues of the respiratory face masks?

  1. A face mask occludes your skin which causes a build-up of warm breath and moisture on your skin. The increased temperature and humidity on your skin can cause a flare-up of rosacea, acne breakouts, skin rashes and sensitivity.

  2. Chemicals found in the masks can also cause dermatitis and skin sensitivity on your face.

  3. If you are wearing your mask for long periods of time, the physical rubbing on your skin could damage the skin’s natural barrier function. This can lead to irritation, erosion, and raw areas on the skin.

  4. If you have a darker skin tone, these raw eroded areas could cause hyperpigmentation (dark spots).

What can you do to treat and prevent these skin issues?


  1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly but gently at least once a day with a gentle, slightly foaming cleansing or cleansing gel. It is the foam (more precisely the surfactant in the foam) that denatures the virus.
    P.S Hand Wash and Soap is the most effective way of cleaning your hands (hand sanitisers are a temporary solution when running water is not available).

  2. Avoid wearing any heavy and silicon-based foundation or make-up as this would not only rub off on your mask but it could increase the likelihood of acne breakouts. 

  3. Moisturise. A moisturiser such as the Huxley fresh and more cream or the Alya Skin Moisturiser will create a barrier between your face, especially in the areas where there might be friction with your mask. However, avoid heavy moisturisers as it may make the acne breakouts worse.

    Alya Skin Moisturiser
  4. Wash (or change) your respiratory face masks regularly to ensure that your mask is chemical and virus free


  1. Topical

    Use a thicker barrier cream without preservatives to the more sensitive, irritated, or raw areas on your face at night-time.
    Items such as the Huxley anti-gravity cream (coming soon) or the Huxley Fresh and more cream are ideal as the core ingredient, the prickly pear will soothe and heal your skin while providing much needed hydration and relief.

  2. Face masks (Skincare)

    This is the time to apply those healing and hydrating masks such as the Huxley Sleep mask or the Huxley Healing mask.

    Huxley - Sleep Mask

  3. Repair your skin Barrier

    It is important that you repair your skin barrier as that will prevent breakouts, rashes and infections. Products such as the Biologi Bf Serum and Biologi Br (Rosehip Oil) are ideal for repairing your skin barrier.

  4. Acne treatment

    If you are breaking out, ensure that you are giving your skin the necessary routine to deal with acne. Our acne skincare set is perfect for establishing a routine to deal with acne.

    Alternatively, you can start by using the Alya Skin pink clay mask to start dealing with the breakouts, remembering that you will need a skincare routine to best deal with skin conditions especially acne


We hope that you and yours are safe in these turbulent time. Sending you lots of love.

The AB team


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